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Our strength lies in short lines of communication, a small dedicated team that goes the extra mile and our ability to put effective communication before technology fads. We always come up with ways to surprise your audiences with exciting productions and new techniques. From film to photography. From social media to presentations. If you want to create a memorable production, you’ve come to the right place.

Our services
  • The philosophy of The Mute Zone can best be described with the credo 'everything in your own hands'. The team that goes through the communication objectives with you is guaranteed to be the same team that shoots the images, does the music selection and takes care of the final editing....
  • Not every process can be filmed. TMZ uses animation to visualize organizational structures or working methods. An animation in which a certain process or operation of a product is explained step by step. Because the steps are visualized one by one, you get a clear explanation that everyone understands. Animation...
  • In the title role of films, the cameraman's work is generally referred to as photography. Still, shooting still images is another profession. Fortunately, TMZ controls that too. That definitely has advantages. It gives you the chance to receive both moving and still images from one location or one moment. TMZ...